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Thank you for wanting to learn more about IT Innovators. We realize that you have a choice on your IT solution provider and we value the opportunity to gain your business.

Our mission is to do our best to meet your business IT needs, maximize your investments, and help to keep your staff productive.

Did you know that the IT Industry is unregulated? This means that any person skilled, unskilled, unemployed, retired, etc. may practice IT. We earn our clients trust and demonstrate to them that we are reputable, knowledgeable, experienced and are an IT leader in our community. We leverage our experience and knowledge to best advised you and meet the needs of your growing business.

IT Innovators is the only Microsoft Partner in California with our set of credentials.

IT Innovators credentials

Allow us to highlight a few of our qualities that demonstrate our value and why our clients continue to use IT Innovators year after year.

  • We are very price competitive, while providing Microsoft Gold Level support.
  • We assign 2 technicians to every client so you always have service available. You never have to worry about tech vacations, sick days, being at another client, as we setup dual coverage.
  • We fix many problems remotely. That means quicker resolutions for you and better support to keep your business productive.
  • We speak business and tech. We can either meet with the owner/executive and plan your business needs and budget in business terms, or we can also meet with any technical staff and answer all their detailed questions.
  • We have been helping businesses right here in Orange County grow for over 15 years. We are not a temporary technical person or someone looking for interim work that will soon be gone. We establish long term relationships so you can count on us.
  • We can provide Microsoft Financing for small projects of $2500, to a large projects of $200K or anywhere in between. We empower a business to be competitive now while conserving their budget or cash.
  • We are a one-stop solution. We are able to provide you hardware, software, solutions and even coordinate with your other vendors. This allows you to focus on your business.
  • We are a Small Business servicing the Small and Medium Business market. After 15 years in business helping other businesses just like yours, we have seen and learned much to enable us to effectively help you.

We have the industry knowledge and experience to get the job done right. At IT Innovators we believe in continued education and networking. As a Microsoft Gold Partner our techs are highly trained certified individuals who take pride in what they do. IT has forged alliances with over a dozen other organizations to bring the best ideas and services to you at cost that will maximize your IT investment.

We have great strength in our partners. With partners like Microsoft, HP, Dell, Cisco and Sonicwall, we can offer our clients the best products at the best deals.

Business Solutions to Fit Your Size

We typically help these businesses by handling 100% of their technology needs. This allows the business owners to focus on their business as we manage their IT. Here are some examples of how we help our clients.

  • Handle all your IT needs. One stop solution.
  • Remote support or onsite support
  • We coordinate your other vendors
  • Help reduce your IT costs
  • Provide predictable flat pricing
  • Help plan an IT budget
  • Document your systems for best support
  • Weekend support when needed
  • Fast response time
  • Plan with management quarterly to meet business goals
  • Provide 2 techs so you're covered
  • and more. Don't see it.. Ask us!
  • We can either totally handle your IT Infrastructure or work along-side your existing IT employee. Allow us to do the "heavy lifting" like network/server work or help out with the routine necessities. Here's examples of how we currently help our other clients.
    • IT Relief during Vacations, Training or Illness
    • One Time Upgrades
    • New Server Installations
    • Overflow help when local staff is busy
    • Help Desk
    • Remote Monitoring & Alerting
    • Remote Troubleshooting
    • Setup a Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Provide Microsoft Financing for Projects
    • and more. Don't see it.. Ask us!
    Often a project is needed but it doesn't make sense to hire additional employees. IT Innovators is perfect for this type of work. Here's some examples of what we've done for some of our other clients.

    • Migrations
    • Rollout Projects
    • Monitoring & Alerting
    • Help Desk
    • Remote Office Setups
    • Site Computer Audits
    • Computer Room Build-out
    • New Server Deployments
    • and more. Don't see it.. Ask us!
    We encourage you to contact us. We will graciously come to your business location and chat with you on how we can help and/or improve your business needs. This is a complimentary offer. It allows us to share with you our knowledge, what we've done for other businesses and what we can do for yours.

    Don't Wait.... give me a call today.

    Dave Seibert, CIO

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