Not sure how to back up your critical data?

Data is a very valuable yet vulnerable asset for companies of all sizes. To protect loss of your data, you need to back it up regularly. Most businesses believe their data is being backed up but when asked to show how and where most business owners have no idea, casting doubt on if they really are protected.

There are several ways to back up data. Below are the most common.

File backups
File backups are designed to backup only the files on the computer such as documents and photos. They do not backup the Windows or Mac Operating systems. What does this mean? It's simple. If your computer's hard drive fails or your computer gets a virus or malware, you'll have to have the operating system re-installed along with all the critical updates and patches all over again before restoring the backup of your files.

Image backups
Image backups are designed to back up the entire computer including the Operating system. If your computer's hard drive fails or your computer gets a virus or malware you can restore the image to the computer without reinstalling the Operating system.

With any backup software you'll want to make sure it runs on a automated basis to make sure it backs up your daily changes. For businesses it's critical to back up your data onsite as well as to a public or private cloud for safe keeping in case of theft or natural disaster.

Need help understanding if your really being protected? We can help.

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